Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's it all about, Alpha?

What's the point of the alphabet?
And have you ever considered that we could get rid of it?
I mean, at least, we could get rid of A,B,C, etc.
Is there any advantage in being able to recite those 26 things in that particular order?
Would it make any difference if we learned the letters backwards? Or from the middle outwards?
And is there any particular significance in having A at the front and Z at the end? Forgive me, perhaps those with Greek will know the answer to that.
But what if we all did learn it backwards. Would that be ok?
Well, wait for it, here comes another one.
What if from tomorrow, we all had to learn our QWERTY .... instead of our ABCs? See where i'm going?
If it doesn't matter which way round you say the letters, then why not learn them in a way which iwould be helpful throughout our lives? Crumbs, we're all at the keyboard from the age of 6months nowadays.
And hang on.
We could extend the idea. Throw in a few extra bits like ; and @ and //.
In fact, why don't we extend the new QWERTY to cover the whole keyboard? OK, that would be more than 26 things to remember - but think of the advantages.
Don't know about you, but I can never find % and $ and # on my keyboard. In particular I can never find the #. Well here's the answer. A veritable revolution in education - and one that actually has a purpose.
Wouldn't that be useful? I mean really useful.
OK, there you go.

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