Monday, February 2, 2009

Recession - it's all over !

It's official.
Shops and OOTs were heaving over the weekend as UK citz and our own jolly pair of Irish visitors decided they were fed up, with being fed up.
JG Windows, where i got the new banjo throbbed with the cash-rich middle classes. Here at least autoharps and dobros seem to have replaced 'Smoke on the Water' and stomp boxes. Just for the moment, perhaps.
"We have more tills, downstairs" called the ecstatic cashier as half Jesmond elbowed the other half's kids in the scramble for old fashioned, analogue culture.
Meanwhile, Tony at Hound dog music in Whitley Bay declared that he was busier than pre-Christmas. "Been like this for two days", he said.
Anyway, we just had to join in, what with the afore-mentioned new 5string twanger for me - and Rob's beautiful Kala f hole electric ukulele from Hound dog.
But Suzie got the real bargain. A pink flying V ukulele, with a white V shaped gig bag ... all for £25! And even cheaper in her euros.
Now, that's culture.

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