Monday, February 2, 2009

Germany calling

If you live in the north east of England you get used to hearing lots of foreign channels on your radio. German, Dutch, Danish et al. Very nice too.

I guess folks down south are equally well-resourced by the likes of Radio Free Jersey or the Barclay Bros morning show ("You're all sacked, now then, now then".)

But many must wonder why their favourite BBC stations are so often drowned out by this pan-galactic jibber jabber. Well, we say to ourselves, Europe's kind of close and err ... well that's probably as far as we get.

But then we go west. To the far west of Ireland as far away from mainland Europe as we can get. And we hide behind some big lumps of Connemara Bens where no one in their right mind would expect to pick up a radio station.

And we're half right. No BBC 2,3,4 or five or world service. Not a peep. Oh, lonesome nights.

But there ... right there, just where they always are, are dozens of German, Dutch, Danish radio stations blasting away across AM / medium wave like there was no tomorrow.

What's going on?

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