Monday, February 2, 2009

WiFi winner

I don't know about you (well that at least is true) but i'm so disappointed with digital radio.

I mean, for just how long can the BBC justify recycling 'The Navy Lark' round a two week loop on Radio 7?

Now I admit that Andy Hamilton's 'Old Harry's Game' is the funniest thing ever produced at any time, in any place, on any planet. But even I don't think it warrants the complete restructure of the airwaves. And then there is the rather important matter of reception. It's rubbish.

Ofcourse I know that there are other channels on digital - however most of these seem to be made up of failed ex-panel members of some failed half-wit BBC tv show playing kak music.

BUT THEN there's Internet Radio.

Oh i'm in heaven. My perfect Pico WiFi (thing) picks up 15,000 stations, has more volume than a locked-out drunk, and works anywhere in the house, with or without mains. Err, i love it.

Christmas was spent listening to a chap in Samoa playing his two records and his one advert. (20% off surfboards at 'Jimmi's on the Beach' if you used your South Sea Airline loyalty card). Bliss.

This weekend, with our visitors, we played the new parlour game 'Spin the WiFi Dial' ...
  • Country ..STOP!
  • Form.......STOP!
  • Station....STOP! and then guessing what we'd tuned into.

Actually, usually it was someone or other singing 'Over the Rainbow' on a uke and in one of around 20 languages. But the Australian bush radio station feature on drought and 'difficult wives' was very informative over Sunday lunch. Guess what? It's rabbits next week.

I've read stuff from people who say that their WiFi radio doesn't work. In that case be careful what you buy but my Pico REVO (£150) is terif and was working in less than five minutes. So that's no more Navy Lark, then.

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