Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's a funny thing Twitter: i really like it, though heaven knows why anybody puts up with me.
At its best it's full of passion, delightful bad behaviour and hilarious quick-witted folk who one never meets and don't know from Adam. (There was no Adam.)
But somehow, i have no idea how, i came across a lass called @anniewestdotcom who it turns out is also who it turns out also lives in Drumcliffe, Sligo and who it turns out is great fun and a cartoonist.
So somehow, in a rainstorm, we washed up on her shore and had a great afternoon eating cake, drinking tea and admiring her loo seat.
We also bought some of her prints. We would have bought them all but she said she wanted to save some for posterity. And rich Americans.
These are just quick pics of Annie's web site. (Sorry Annie). We bought these two.
Go and have a look at her smashing web site ... or if you're in Dublin next month go see her new exhibition.

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