Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baltimore IE

If you're at a loose end and have no where to go this Easter, here's a splendid place.

Baltimore is about as far as you can go in Europe without setting off for the USA; to the left of Cork, without the over-sourced foodies of Kinsale and just below Mizzen Head.

In 1631 some pirates turned up from Algiers and kidnapped everyone. Really. There's a book that tells the story - The Stolen Village by Des Ekin.

It's a bit sad (I'm not a Leavisite) but Baltimore today is good fun.
There are islands to visit - filled with never-sprayed plants and wildlife. And walks. And pubs and Irish things.
If you like sailing, you will think you've been delivered.

Nearby, there's Castletownsend with really posh people, Range Rovers and that chap who thinks a lot of himself from Newsnight. But the food in the pub is extraordinary.

The landsape is softer than further north.

Despite, or because of, a splendidly republican history, County Cork has always been very cosmopolitan and today is packed with rich Germans, Italians, French and English. Well they were rich.
The islands seem dotted with people in denim shirts who say they run some net business or other.

Why am i writing this? Oh to be sure, go to Baltimore.

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