Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wish you were here ...

Someone once wrote, "Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on for ever." (I think it was Pete Brown, bless.)
Any way, we don't have enough art school dances in Cullercoats. Hardly any, in fact. Nothing much to frighten the horses.
And i suspect that Winslow Homer wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs in the Queens Head pub on a Bank Holiday weekend.
"I'm just praying for rain and gloom, Julian."
"Is that a pint or a half, Winslow?"
But never mind. The place does have its moments and here's one of them.
Having just paid £20 for a 2cm Lego figure of Two Face (he's in Batman, i'm told) who should i find on the beach but ... well ... One Face?
(That's his pal peeking out from behind, so it could be Two Face.)
One day I was in the backwoods of some northern Californian town, miles from anywhere and idling away some moments. I picked up a book, opened it and there was a painting of Cullercoats bay by Winslow Homer (DOH!) .
"Well, that's synchronicity," i said.
And here's some more. Arthur Koestler and G Sumner would be proud.
Lego people now seem to be filling up my life (and emptying my pocket).
So now i wonder if one day, i'll open a book in Grass Valley CA and find this rather more cheerful vision of Cullercoats.

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